Blind pitch

Interior of a Restaurant, 1887 by Vincent Van Gogh

Was that a lie?

Trust is critical in the venture business. It needs to be mutual. It is nurtured by action over years. In parallel to building conviction around your team and business opportunity, the investment process generally seeks to find the seeds of mutual faith.

Small plans

The presentation starts. The team is impressive, they’ve worked together for a while, they display great rapport and coordination. The problem they’re trying to solve is big and relevant to the investment thesis, the insights are awesome, the product has potential, the deck is beautifully crafted. Traction?, yes! And then you get to their future plans. Some market expansion, some interesting product releases but nothing that shouts unicorn. Game over.

It must be a conversation

First meetings are mostly about getting to know each other. Think of them as a rehearsal of a future relationship. Rapport, intellectual connection, and a matching sense of humor are all important indicators of a potentially fun and interesting ride.

What’s next

When the financing topic comes up, the dance starts. After all, investors get paid for doing this well. They like nothing more than re-designing an investment round as if they were redecorating their home office with new gadgets and improved background. It’s key to their know-how and the reason you’re meeting.



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